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12-June to 14-July 2023

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Three-Pronged Approach

“The programme participants not only have the opportunity to network with C-Suite members of local FinTech companies, they also meet and have conversations with leaders of FinTech companies internationally as well as with a cohort of peers who are based in several other countries."

“This three-pronged programme aims to provide the Bermudian cohort with the benefits of theoretical instruction, hand-on training and development, project management, and the soft skills and network-building that comes with meeting trailblazers and subject-matter experts."

Ray Jones, Director of the Economic Development Department, Ministry of Economy and Labour.

What Does the Programme

Seek to Do?

Stafford Lowe


Different facets of the Programme

"It's important for the participants to not just learn about the industry on the theoretical level, but actually to get their hands dirty."

Joel Brown-Christenson


Blysse changed my life!

"We not only teach the intricacies of the capital markets and how it's connected by technology and how it's changed, but we also want you to have a personal approach to the broader network of FinTech to create pathways to a career in this rapidly changing world."

Ray Jones

Economic Development Department

Technology is evolving fast!

"This industry has to combine educational and non-educational opportunities. Companies are looking for talent now because technology is evolving by the second."

2022 Participants

Kevin Da Costa, 2022 Participant

"In order to understand Fintech, you have to go back to its roots."

Bria Maybury, 2022 Participant

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this program as I have gained valuable knowledge."

Maurice Steede, 2022 Participant

"I now feel more comfortable trading in digital assets."

Caleb Scott, 2022 Participant

"Learning about debt was eye-opening."

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To register your interest in joining the next Fintech Training Programme cohort or to find out more about how to be involved, email us any time at